The Station

Exterior of The Station, with mural by Anthony Baldino.

photo, Anthony Baldino

Ignition Sequence

The first of four photos described in chapter 12 showing pyro ignition sequence at The Station.

photo, Daniel Davidson


Fifteen seconds later, the gerbs have burned out and flames are visible on the corners of the drum alcove.

photo, Daniel Davidson


Flames now roar up walls at both corners of the drummer’s alcove.

photo, Daniel Davidson


Fire now flanks the drummer’s alcove, from floor to ceiling. Note the cardboard box in foreground labeled “DANGER” and “EXPLOSIVE,” in which pyrotechnics were transported to The Station.

photo, Daniel Davidson


Fully Engulfed

Minutes after pyrotechnics ignited foam on the walls, The Station was fully engulfed. Firefighters use a hand line as they extricate victims from the front entrance. A master stream is directed at the blaze from the right.

photo, Geoffrey P. Read


Charred Set List

Set list for Great White tour, recovered from the ashes of The Station.

photo, John Barylick



Memorials at the Station site.

photo, John Barylick