Boston Globe

“Barylick’s impressive organizational and analytical skills as a lawyer serve the reader well as he has based his narrative on the thousands of pages of investigative files that were made public after the criminal and civil cases were completed.

In addition, he puts a human face on this woeful tale of avarice and ineptitude with wrenching accounts of numerous people who were injured or who were alongside those who died. So many of them, in their 30s and 40s, were blue-collar and middle-class Rhode Islanders merely trying to enjoy a midweek escape from hard-working lives.

In “Killer Show,’’ John Barylick sifts an abundance of clear, convincing, and frightening evidence in what is perhaps the definitive account of the Station nightclub fire. And he demonstrates that the greatest tragedy here was that it didn’t need to happen.”


Publishers Weekly

this book is more than just a legal document, and Barylick demonstrates great storytelling skills in his intense dramatization of what those in the fire suffered and his heartfelt descriptions of the lives of the victims and the memories of the survivors. An exploration of the perils of greed and corruption as well as a testament to the strength of the human spirit, Barylick has created a modern cautionary tale that will take your breath away.”